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Unique Hiring – The Cornerstone of a Successful Workforce

Unique Advantage boasts a successful track record at some of the most respected universities, Ivy League colleges, and healthcare institutions throughout communities in the United States.

With experience and a deep understanding of the working nuances of healthcare and education institutions - two community cornerstones - Unique Advantage delivers the right talent at the right time. This, in tandem with exclusive economic inclusion and diversity recruitment programs, helps education and healthcare organizations fulfill and exceed their community commitments.

Unique Advantage, a nextSource company, also boasts a full suite of strategic workforce management solutions to further supplement hiring requirements.

Unique Advantage specializes in serving higher education and healthcare organizations, particularly where these areas of expertise overlap. Our clients include some of our nation’s best known medical colleges and universities as well as their associated hospitals and research institutes. Our subject matter experts average over 23 years of experience in solving the unique workforce challenges within this space.