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Worker Classification and Compliance

UA management_GaugeOrganizations engage workers in many different ways, permanent employee, temporary Employer of Record (EOR), independent contractor, freelancers and professional service workers, to name a few. However, regulatory agencies such as the Department of Labor and IRS only have two classifications for workers, employees (W-2) or independent contractors (1099). Unique Advantage’s Compliance Services facilitates how organizations classify and engage workers as needed, while ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations.

Advisory - Unique Advantage’s Advisory worker classification provides a comprehensive assessment of independent contractor workers, consultants, or freelancers in the past. This assessment classifies these workers and identifies highest risk factors. An audit is also performed, ensuring compliance within an organization’s contractual terms and governmental classifications of employee or contractor. Ultimately a mitigation strategy is developed and implemented, ensuring proper worker classification of these workers.

Management - Unique Advantage’s Management worker classification provides real-time visibility and oversight of newly engaged independent contractors. With a focus on customer service and leveraging the latest classification technology, Unique Advantage provides a unique blend of person-to-person and on-demand process automation to quickly, efficiently and accurately complete classification evaluations. Unique Advantage works directly with hiring managers and their workers to define the work, the relationship between the organization and independent contract workers doing the work, and the impacts of the various federal and state regulations on their engagement to complete the work. Each worker being classified will be assessed, providing employers with clear visibility of the factors and levels of risk in the event of an audit or investigation.

Benefits to You:

  • Alleviates risk of misclassification penalties
  • Provides independent contractor rate assessments
  • Relieves the pressure to stay current with continuously changing local, state, and federal classification rules and regulations