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Employer of Record

A Unique Advantage employer of record (EOR) solution frees you to focus on your core business while minimizing employee classification risk. Unique Advantage will take all administrative and legal responsibility for paying wages, benefits’ and submitting local, state and federal payroll taxes for temporary workers.

End-to-End Efficiencies

Unique Advantage covers the EOR gamut for your organization, from specialized payrolling services to customized implementation plans that ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and temporary worker on-boarding/off-boarding processes. Expect a rapid, non-disruptive and transparent experience for your workers and hiring managers throughout the entire employment lifecycle. To ensure success, your Unique Advantage EOR solution will be measured through client satisfaction surveys and program performance reviews.

Employer of Record Services Solution Overview:

  • Employee classification (1099 vs. W-2 classification)
  • Workers’ compensation, unemployment and professional insurance
  • Administration of pre-hire screenings, benefits, and records
  • A fully-automated onboarding and off-boarding process
  • Rate and salary determination
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing risk assessments and performance reviews
  • Cost benefit analyses of regular versus contractor utilization
  • Automated technology for efficient process management and on-demand reporting

Benefits to You:

  • Protects against misclassification and penalties
  • Relieves risk associated with workers’ compensation and other types of insurance
  • Provides increased labor spend management and control
  • Streamlines and standardizes onboarding and off-boarding process
  • Minimizes the time, effort, and overtime costs associated with learning and complying with employment laws
  • Simplifies expense reimbursement for temporary workers